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Dec 19, 2012 7:00am PST
or existing buildings.we did the hiroshigui museum of art, in japan, we have work at the getty in los angeles, we have uh work, we just installed a very large installation for the bart station in san bruno. in 1997, gordon became the permanent artist in residence at artesa winery in carneros. there's a certain simpatico between the aesthetic that i carry, that is already here existing at the archi...with the architecture.all of the art on display at artesa from dramatic sculptures mixed media wall hangings...w as created by gordon.i would love to be able to see my art thru other people's eyes, but it's just not any given time, gordon has a half dozen projects in the pipeline. he works with a creative team of designers and engineers who help him turn his rough sketches and way out ideas, into works of's difficult to separate gordon from gordon's creativity. it's pretty much a, a jet pack that he wears all the time and it fires him through life it seems like, you know.when we visited the studio, gordon and his crew were preparing for a showing at a napa art
Dec 18, 2012 7:00am PST
sonoma county town of freestone gives new meaning to "bathing." in japan they had a tradition of drinking tea with enzymes and out that tradition stemmed the idea for the enzyme bath. so, we start out with the tea to provide some historical context. you sip tea and wander around the zen inspired garden. meanwhile bath attendent catherine stupar prepares your blanket of heat. it's henoki cedar, douglas fur and rice bran combined with enzymes that catalyze the fermentation of those fibers. first she rakes the mixture. when i'm digging in the bath it's really to open up the material and let a lot of oxygen flow in there and make sure the heat is evenly distributed. soon it's time to step up to the bath and prepare to get covered. it's feels somewhat like be buried in the sand. but it's not quite as heavy. if you can imagine a mixture of peet moss and sand -- it's very light, but warm. you don't feel weight on top of you. you feel just like there's no gravity. you feel like you're floating. as the fermentation progresses you can feel the benefits of the treatment. that creates a lot of heat a
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2